Taking To The Water This Year? Here Are Our Top Fitness Tips To Get Your Ready To Row!

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Beautiful Lake Superior is world famous for its many rowing opportunities. Several well-known rowing clubs use the lake’s beautiful waters to practise, for their regattas and races. If you’ve always liked the idea of taking to the water, there’s no better way to enjoy the beautiful of nature than from the vantage point of a rowing boat. However, rowing is no mean feat.

When you watch rowers at work, it can look effortless. However, in reality, it’s actually an extremely physical sport. If you’re planning on joining one of the rowing clubs around the lake or whether you’re considering going it alone, you’ll need to think about getting fit before you step into a boat for the first time.

Here are our expert tips for rowing fitness that will have you ready to compete in the Duluth Regatta!

Start By Stretching

The worst thing you can do is to step into a boat before stretching thoroughly. Rowing is a very strenuous form of activity, and just like you would with any other form of exercise, you should take the time to stretch your muscles and prepare yourself for the exertion and challenges ahead. Failure to stretch could end up with a serious injury.

Cardio Workouts

You’ll need an excellent level of cardio fitness if you’re going to be a successful rower. Rowing can put a real strain on your heart, especially if you’re going to be rowing at speed, so you need to build up by fitting some cardio training into your daily workout regime. Some of the best cardio exercises include cycling and running. Try to push yourself a little further each day.

Weight Training

You might think that you don’t need to do any weight training to be a good rower, however you’re going to need very strong legs, arms and core muscles to be successful. You should definitely add lifting weights into your daily routine along with crunches. This will help you to tone up all the key areas that you will be using when rowing.

Get A Rowing Machine

One of the very best things you can do to prepare for rowing is to invest in a good quality rowing machine. Not only will it give you a great cardio workout, it’ll also tone your key muscle groups while teaching you the basics of each part of the rowing stroke. You should make time to use the rowing machine regularly as it will maintain the cardiovascular and muscular strength you need to be a successful rower. Make sure to choose a high quality rowing machine. There are more reviews from users online that will help you to make an informed purchasing decision.

Devise A Practise Schedule

When you’re practising in your rowing boat, draw up a practise schedule which involves both distance and sprint rowing. Make sure to add in sufficient practise time for every part of the stroke so you can perfect the techniques you need to excel. The very best way to practise rowing is by actually getting into the boat and doing it.

Eat Healthily

Eating healthily is very important when you want to improve your skill as a rower. Avoid eating refined carbohydrates and include lots of fresh produce in your daily diet. Avoid eating sweet and sugary foods too often too, since they’ll fill you with empty calories without improving your stamina or building muscle. Staying hydrated is also key, since you’ll be using a lot more water while you’re in training, so drink lots of water.

Top Rowing Tips

If you’re new to rowing, it’s always wise to seek professional advice from someone who knows what they’re doing. Rowing is something which is quite easy to get wrong and you could end up injuring yourself if you don’t have the right technique. You could end up pushing yourself too hard and causing yourself physical harm which could set back your rowing goals significantly. You might want to consider taking some lessons or getting a friend with some experience to take you out on the water the first few times. If you join a rowing club on Lake Superior, you’ll get the expert help that you’ll need to get off to the right start.