Environmental Stewardship Award 2014 – Nominate a Steward

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The Lake Superior Binational Program will be seeking nominations for its 2014 Environmental Stewardship Awards Program
“Honoring Extraordinary Achievements by Ordinary People”.

Deadline for completed applications is Friday, April 11, 2014.


Lake Superior is one of the world’s biggest and most unusual lakes and therefore deserves special attention and protection. Do you know of someone whose efforts to protect or restore the lake’s natural environment are truly superior?

If so, help make others in the basin aware of their contributions by nominating them for this binational awards program.

Applications may be made by the nominee (self-nominated) or by making a nomination on another’s behalf. Members of the Lake Superior Binational Program review each nomination and select a winner in each of six categories from each country.

Please visit our guidelines page for for more information.

Please complete the following questions on a separate document, attach and submit below:


  1. What environmental need did the nominee address?
  2. What kind of solution or action did the nominee develop to address the identified need?
  3. Describe any unique or innovative aspects of the activity or initiative, especially regarding any special challenges that had to be overcome to reach your goals.
  4. What effect or impact did the nominee have on the natural environment?
    Include in your response as much measurable impact as possible when describing the scope or breadth of this impact within your work.
  5. What specific examples, data, or other evidence demonstrates the environmental effect or impact described above?
  6. To your knowledge has the nominee or nominee’s organization been fined or cited for adverse environmental impacts at any time during the last three years?
  7. Have you already won an award for this project?


Acceptable file types: docx, doc, pdf, txt, gif, jpg, jpeg, png.
Maximum file size: 1mb.

* Please email additional attachments directly to binationalforum@northland.edu.


* Please email additional attachments directly to binationalforum@northland.edu.