The Lake Superior Binational Forum is happy to share issues of our newsletter called Water is Life.  This title is the first three words of our vision statement which says “Water is life, and the quality of water determines the quality of life.”

We will offer an informative, inspiring, and interactive newsletter four times per year to our subscribers who register for it here.  The newsletter is funded through a grant through the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.  We’ve also included a link to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s own newsletter.

We welcome your contributions of photographs, articles, or topic ideas about projects related to the Lake Superior basin.  Please send them to

Click below to link to the complete newsletter. We hope you enjoy Water is Life!

cover_screen_shot_thumbnail Water is Life ~ Spring 2015
newsletter_winter_2014_screen_shot Water is Life ~ Winter 2014
Fall_2014_Newsletter_screen_shot with border Water is Life ~ Fall 2014
Summer_2014_newsletter_screen_shot with border Water is Life ~ Summer 2014
newsletter Water is Life ~ Late Summer 2013
Summer_2013_Newsletter_screen_shot Water is Life ~ Summer 2013
late_winter_2013_screen_shot with border Water is Life ~ Late Winter 2013
Water is Life ~ Winter 2012

Water is Life ~ Spring 2012

Water is Life ~ Winter 2011

Water is Life ~ Summer 2011

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