Lake Superior Day

An annual event held the 3rd Sunday in July

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by Wesley Ballinger

Ginibiimanaan symbolizes the sacredness of nibi (water) and our responsibility to keep it pure, and highlights the important role Anishinaabeg women have as keepers of the water.”






Lake Superior Events for 2014

If your organization plans a Lake Superior Event, the Binational Forum will promote your event or activity on our website at no cost.

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For even MORE events, check the Lake Superior magazine web site for additional events in your neighborhood!


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What is Lake Superior Day?

Lake Superior Day was started in the early 1990s to highlight the importance of this great water body to the basin’s environment and economy. The Lake Superior Binational Forum promotes this basin-wide event to highlight the special connections people have to this unique world treasure.

Clean water is a basic right and necessity for all life. If you live near Lake Superior, you are fortunate to be living near one of the world’s largest lakes. Every day, each of the 600,000 human residents of the Lake Superior basin use water from the lake for drinking, home use, industrial use, or recreation. The lake is also essential for countless fish, birds,animals, and plants.

What do you do?

To show appreciation for the lake, people, communities, businesses, tribes, First Nations, churches and other groups celebrate Lake Superior Day each year on the third Sunday in July. Lake Superior Day is a time set aside to consider our connection to Lake Superior’s water. Each Lake Superior Day, all residents who live, work, play, and worship around the lake can organize events in their communities or take action in their homes, at their places of employment or in community groups to help protect the treasure that is Lake Superior.

Do people really participate?

In 2012, more than 60 groups and communities participated in some way, including special events such as dragon boat races, beach clean ups, musical concerts, library displays, church services, and signed proclamations that designate the third Sunday in July as Lake Superior Day.   The Lake Superior Binational Forum encourages residents of the Lake Superior Basin and beyond, to celebrate their connection to the lake.