Citizen Science Monitoring

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The Lake Superior Binational Forum supports Citizen Science Monitoring programs offered around the basin, especially during the binational Coordinated Year of Monitoring on Lake Superior in 2011.

We’ve compiled this sample of organizations that offer opportunities for volunteers to monitor resources in the states of Minnesota, Michigan, and Wisconsin.


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Michigan Citizen Science Monitoring Groups
Minnesota Citizen Science Monitoring Groups
Wisconsin Citizen Science Monitoring Groups


Help Monitor Lake Superior

Here’s a new tool funding by the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative called “Wildlife Health Event Reporting System.” It was designed for the everyday citizen to report individual events as well as for volunteer groups doing periodic monitoring and surveillance on the Great Lakes shorelines looking for evidence of avian botulism or algal bloom outbreaks.



Additional Resources

Directory of Volunteer Monitoring Programs provided by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.  Locate additional monitoring groups where you live and around the nation.

National Directory of Volunteer Environmental Monitoring Programs