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The above photo is that of the Hemlo Williams Mine in Ontario Canada. Photo courtesy of


The Forum has tried to include all perspectives about mining and community issues on this web site.  However, we do not pretend to offer an exhaustive database of every source of information that is available.

The Forum will continue to expand and evolve this site as more information becomes available.  If you have more information or websites that you do not see here, please tell us.

Below are sites concerning mining in Ontario Canada.

Area of Interest
Web Source
Lakewide Management Plans (LaMP) The Lake Superior Binational Programs LaMP established goals and objectives for protecting and restoring the lake’s natural environment.Mining activities affects many parts of any ecosystem including chemical, air, habit protection, etc.  Click for specific chapters of LaMP.
Regulatory Agencies
Ministry of Northern Development and Mines


Natural Resources Canada – Minerals and Metals Sector

The Impact and Benefit Agreement (IBA) Research Network
First Nations
Anishinabek Nation:  Union of Ontario Indians

Aroland First Nation Chief Sonny Gagnon Objects to Gold Mine

Active Operating Mine Island Gold Mine – Richmont Mines
Lake de Isles MineNorth American Palladium
Eagle River MineWesdome Gold Mines
Mishi-Magnacon ComplexWesdome Gold Mines
Williams MineBarrick Gold Corporation & Teck Mining Company
Proposed Mining Sites Stillwater/Marathon PGM-Cu ProjectStillwater Canada, Inc.
Greenstone/Geraldton – Primier Gold Mines, Ltd.
Exploratory Mining Mining & Mineral Exploration Northwest Ontario – Fall 2011 by Ministry of Northern Development and Mines
Environmental Impacts Mines Pollute Tens of Billions of Gallons of Water Per Year –   May 2013
The 2nd Annual Global Sustainable Mining Summit, taking place on 28-29 May 2013 in Toronto, Canada.
This SlideShare web site offers many slideshows about a diverse range of perspectives about mining in the U.S. and around the world. Sample topics include acid mine drainage mitigation, restoration of open pit mines, sulfide mining impacts on health, mining safety, etc. – 2012

Proposed Stillwater Mine – Marathon, OntarioEnvironmental Assessment
From Resource Curse to Blessing by Nation of Change Published:  August 2012
Mining Information Kit for Aboriginal Communities from Natural Resources Canada
Compendium of Government-funded Green Mining
Research and Innovation Programs and Activities
from Natural Resources Canada
Assessment of the Aquatic Effects of Mining in Canada from Environment Canada
Environmental impact of the Metal Mining Effluent Regulations on Fish Habitats from Office of the Auditor General of Canada
Pollution Data and Reports from Environment Canada
Environmental Compliance Reports from Ontario Ministry of the the Environment
Socio-Economic Impacts Univ of Wisconsin-Extension offers a series of factsheets about frac sand mining and mining in general. Feb 2013
Cyclical nature of mining causes Ontario “Gold Rush” to falter (CBC News) – March 2013
Thunder Bay Community Economic Development Commission Newsletter – An article about planning for mining – Fall 2012
From Resource Curse to Blessing by Joseph E. Stiglitz, Aug 2012
Safe Drinking Water Foundation – Mining & Water Pollution
Great Lakes United ~ Mining on Lake Superior:  Past, Present and Future
Mining Industry Human Resource Portal for Aboriginal Communities
Aboriginal Peoples and Mining in Canada:Consultation, Participation and Prospects for Change a Working Discussion Paper Prepared for The North-South Institute By William Hipwell, Katy Mamen, Viviane Weitzner and Gail Whiteman
Draft: January 2002
Ontario Mining: A Partner in Prosperity Building –
The Economic Impacts of a ‘Representative’ Mine in Ontario
for Policy and Economic Analysis Program, Institute for Policy Analysis, University of Toronto by Peter Dungan and Steve Murphy
Canada’s Resilient North:The Impact of Mining on
Aboriginal Communities
by Ginger Gibson, University of British Columbia & Jason Klinck University of Alberta
What Are Tailings? – Their Nature and Production
Human Health Impacts Mine Development and Aboriginal Community Health from The Impact and Benefit Agreement (IBA) Research Network
Hard Rock Mining:  Risks to Community Health by Aime Bualanger and Alexandra Gorman Dated:  September 2004
Potential Health Risks Related to Mining: A Collection of Research Study Links
Citizen Response & Groups Mining Watch Canada
Indigenous Environmental Network
 Mining Associations Ontario Mining Association
Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada
The Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada: Aboriginal Affairs
Mining Association of Canada
Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada
Geology Ministry of Northern Development and Mines – homepage
Ontario’s Mineral Development Strategy from Ministry of Northern Development and Mines
Ontario Geological Survey
Maps Geology and Selected Mineral Deposits of Ontario

Quartenary Geology of Ontario

Mininstry of Northern Development – CLAIMaps
Mines, Mineral Exploration and Mineral Leasing in the Lake Superior Watershed prepared by the Lake Superior Workgroup’s Mining Committee
CLAIMaps – This is a link to Ontario Claim Maps which is updated by the Ontario Ministry of Northern Development and Mines on a daily basis.  Although this map shows some historic fabric of former claims or leases, these islands have been withdrawn from staking and contain only very few claim or leases.  Some of these islands are slated to become part of the Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area.
Mining History  Brief History of Ontario Mining
Tupper Township Property – A Letter from History Dated: Sept 11, 1956
Events September 2012: The City of Thunder Bay, Fort William First Nation and the Thunder Bay Community Economic Development Commission has developed a “Mining Readiness Strategy – An Integrated Regional Economic Development Plan (2012-2015).”
Additional Resources Final Sulfide Mining Regulation in the Great Lakes Region by the National Wildlife Federation, Great Lakes Regional Resource Center – March 2012
Mining on Lake Superior: Past, Present and Future

Canadian Mining Journal
Lake Superior Binational Forum – Discussion Forum An extensive resource for mining and issues in the Lake Superior Basin.
In the News The Great Lakes Guardian Community Fund is calling for applications for protection and restoration grants for Ontario projects. – March 2013
Coutu dream of mining in Lake Superior Park alive and well – August 25, 2012
Sault brothers aim to relaunch father’s gold mine – August 3, 2012
COUTU SOUTH SHOWING – 1953 – Official Ministry of Development and Mines
 Risking life in the Mongolian gold rush – 18 August 2012
Tapping old mines for heat may create new energy source – Nov 6 2012
Mining Information
Info Mine
Ontario Mining Database
The Lake Superior Binational Forum mining committee has compiled this database. Ontario Mining Database – 27 Aug 2012

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