How You Can be Animal Friendly and Still Hunt

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I’ll bet some of you have clicked on this article because you can’t believe the words “hunt” and “animal friendly” have been used in the same sentence. I hear you, and for any animal lover out there, I happen to agree that hunting isn’t exactly what I would term as a fun weekend away.

So, what sort of hunting am I talking about? Well, take yourself off to the shores of Lake Superior for a moment and you might start to get an idea. What’s on every shoreline of practically every lake in the country? That’s right – rocks!

Discover the World of Agates

Does it start to make sense now? Good, because Lake Superior is one of the best places to go hunting for these, the prettiest of stones. They’re in abundance here because of volcanic eruptions that occurred in the area over 1 Billion years ago, and the best part is they’re not limited to just one area.

Agates can be found in Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin. In fact, when you visit these parts of the lake, there are artisans all over who make it their lives work to create something ornamental from them. So, for that reason you’ll find everything from paper weights to jewelry.

Agate Hunting

How Will I Know if I’ve Found one?

Agates are quite characteristic because they have different colored layers of quartz running through them. The best thing about them is you will never find any two the same. Of course, this can make hunting for them a bit of a challenge, but very exciting when you do spot one.

If you’re a rock enthusiast, you’ll understand what I mean. As I said, there are various places around Lake Superior where you can hunt for these little nougats of volcanic history….

The Best Places to Visit

Crisp Point Lighthouse in Michigan offers some great places to hunt for agates, but that’s not all. You’ll easily be able to lose yourself for a few days as it offers other activities such as hiking, biking, snowboarding, paddling (of course), and the wildlife is great!

If you like boats, pay a visit to the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum also in Michigan. Here, you can kill two birds with one “stone”. Be prepared for history overload though because there have been in excess of 6,000 shipwrecks across the Great Lakes!


Hunting Doesn’t Have to Mean Bloodshed

Hopefully your horror at the title to my article has dwindled as you’ve read this, and whilst there are certain types of “live” hunting throughout Lake Superior, the chances are you won’t come across anyone sporting a rifle where you visit. Unless of course, you happen to come across the biggest agate ever found and you’re not the only one that’s heard about it!

Even if you’re not all that enthusiastic about rocks, if you’re going to visit Lake Superior just take a moment to take a look before you skip that next stone across the water. You never know, it might just be worth taking home!