Information about the Lake Superior Binational Forum meetig held at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada on Nov. 7 and 8, 2008. This includes information about the public input session, co-hosted by Great Lakes United, focusing on Lake Superior environmental Areas of Concern.


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The following notes provide a summary of discussion and points made about future direction for the Lake Superior Binational Forum

Background provided by B. Lindgren

Meeting Structure?
-savings due to fewer members in both Can & US?
-costs are high and rising
Frequency of Meetings?
-electronic/telephone meetings or committee meetings
-5 meetings - additional funding sources/grants for meetings
-addtional funds for meetings have been raised in the past
-the key question is what do we want to accomplish - and how - effectiveness
-we are intermediaries and a voice for the public
-effective communication is essential
-public input sessions are key
-do we have the right individuals at public input sessions - the right mix?
-do we need more meetings - or better meetings - can we get "deeper" into the communities we visit?
-public input sessions definitely need follow-up to be meaningful
-we are not a lobby group but we can highlight the fact that there are issues with regard to reporting and action re the GLWQA
-we need to look seriously at alternate means of meeting that in-person sessions - we need to investigate this.
-objectives need to be clear - or at least clearly communicated to all within the (Binational Forum) group
-we could like through webcasting using the various universities around the lake as a hub
-it is essential that public input sessions have concrete follow-up
-we have limited funding - lets not stretch ourselves to thin
-utilize the Thursday evenings at meetings, perhaps for committee meetings
-committees - how do we make them more effective - both at meetings and between meetings
-committees need to be much more meaningful, organized and effective with clearcut objectives
-committees could provide suggestions for public input sessions - on a rotating basis
-projects should be integral to committees
-better, more focused connection, between meetings
-clearcut objectives and timelines are essential
-projects are essential
-followup on commit
-a plan! - perhaps yearly, for both the Forum and its committees
-use of the Forum website could be divided into committees to assist in contact, chronological documentation of actions
-we need to clearly innuciate objectives upon which we can follow through
-improved communication processes are essential to our success
-perhaps use a committee-based approach to our evolution and goals
-we have tools and resources - what do we want to accomplish?
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