This section provides details on aquatic invasive species prevention workshops being held in communities around Lake Superior seeking input into the "Lake Superior Aquatic Invasive Species Complete Prevention Plan "


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The second aquatic invasive species workshop will be held on June 1, 2010, from 1:00 to 5:00 PM at the EPA Mid-Continent Ecology Division Lab in Duluth, Minnesota. The workshop is hosted by US and Canadian members of the Lake Superior Work Group and "Binational Program to Restore and Protect the Lake Superior Basin."

The workshop will center on the Lake Superior Aquatic Invasive Species Complete Prevention Plan, which identifies the pathways that aquatic invasive species use to enter and become established in the Lake Superior Basin. The Plan also recommends prevention actions that could be implemented to close existing pathways on both sides of the border. Aquatic invasive species (AIS) are an immediate ecological and economic threat to the Lake Superior ecosystem. Consequently, prevention of AIS is a critical priority for the Lake Superior Management Plan and Binational Program.

The agenda for the workshop is attached below. Presentations and discussions will focus on topics such as the sale and distribution of live bait, public outreach and education programs, and the role of ballast water in the spread of aquatic invasive species into Lake Superior. An overview of the Complete Prevention Plan will be given. The workshop will provide opportunities for:

• Education about the plan’s vector/pathway approach to prevention,
• Questions and comments regarding the plan’s recommended actions, and
• Networking with others interested and involved in implementing aquatic invasive species prevention efforts.

We invite your participation in this important workshop. There is no charge for the workshop, but you must register if you plan to attend. Please RSVP to workshop organizers ( and include your name, organization, and email address.

Driving Directions
The workshop will be held at the EPA Mid-Continent Ecology Division, 6201 Congdon Blvd., Duluth, Minnesota 55804. Directions to the facility are available at ... irport.htm.
Jensen_Outreach and Education.pdf
Doug Jensen's presentation on outreach and education
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Green_AIS prevention outlook.pdf
Phyllis Green's outlook presentation
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Gunderson_ Bait and Lake Superior final.pdf
Jeff Gunderson's presentation on the bait industry
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TenEyck_ Great Ships Initiative.pdf
Matt TenEyck's presentation on the Great Ships Initiative
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Final Agenda_Duluth AIS Workshop_June 1.pdf
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