Information about the Torch Lake Area of Concern, or "AOC."


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The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) has released a
draft Strategy for Delisting Michigan's Great Lakes Areas of Concern, a
document integrating Michigan's criteria for restoration of Beneficial
Use Impairments (BUIs) in Areas of Concern (AOC), with the actions that
are needed to achieve the criteria. This document was developed by the
MDEQ, with support from local Public Advisory Councils and the Statewide
Public Advisory Council for Michigan's AOCs.

The purpose of the Strategy is to describe how actions needed to restore
beneficial uses and delist AOCs, to establish program priorities, and
determine resource allocations in Michigan's AOC program. The main
component of the Strategy is the AOC Action Tracking Table. The
tracking table identifies the known actions needed to remove a BUI.

The actions identified in this Strategy do not constitute a list of
pre-approved projects, nor is it a list of projects simply related to
BUIs. Actions identified in this Strategy are directly related to
removing a BUI (i.e., restoring beneficial uses) and are needed to
delist the AOC. However, in many AOCs, further information is needed to
determine all actions required to remove a BUI. Therefore, the AOC
Action Tracking Table is not comprehensive and will be regularly updated
as additional actions are identified and as actions are completed.

The Strategy will be a valuable tool in moving Michigan's AOCs toward
delisting. In addition, the MDEQ recognizes that the Strategy may be
potentially very useful for agencies and stakeholders in preparing
project proposals for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) and
in setting local priorities for actions.

The draft Strategy and other relevant information is posted on the DEQ
Web site at http://www.michigan.gov/deqwater; select Great Lakes, then
select Areas of Concern.
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