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Regarding: Draft Final Peninsula Harbour Contaminated Sediment Management Project Environment Assessment Report

In follow up to the November 2011 open house sessions in Marathon and at the Pic River Community Centre regarding the Environmental Assessment of the Peninsula Harbour Sediment Management Strategy, Environment Canada and the Ministry of the Environment would like to draw your attention to the Draft Final version of the Peninsula Harbour Contaminated Sediment Management Project Environmental Assessment Report. This report and related documents are accessible via the attachments below. The Fish Habitat Assessment Document is also part of the environmental assessment and is accessible via the following link.

http://www.superiorforum.org/pdfs/Appen ... Report.pdf
(note - this is an extremely large file & will require considerable time for download.)

Comments from these open house sessions were considered in preparation of this report. Environment Canada will consider additional comments until February 13th, 2012.

Thank you for your continuing support in this project. We will continue to share information and ideas as we proceed to the construction phase of the Project.

Should you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Roger Santiago of Environment Canada at Tel: 416-739-5876.
PH EA draft final revs Jan20 clean.pdf
draft final ceaa screening document
peninsula harbour contaminated sediment management project
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Appendix A EA scoping document.pdf
appendix a - environmental assessment scoping document
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Appendix B NWPA Permit.pdf
appendix b - navigable waters protection act permit
(127.83 KiB) Downloaded 687 times
Appendix C WQM Jan 19.pdf
appendix c - water quality monitoring program
(746.28 KiB) Downloaded 775 times
Appendix D PH LTM Jan 19.pdf
appendix d - long term monitoring plan
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Appendix E Evaluation of Admin Controls.pdf
appendix e - evaluation of admin controls
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Appendix F Prelim Design Drawings.pdf
appendix f - preliminary design drawings
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Appendix H RMF Peninsula Harbour-DFO.pdf
appendix h - risk assessment worksheet
(1.55 MiB) Downloaded 773 times
Appendix I Turbidity Tech Memo revised.pdf
appendix i - turbidity tech memo
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Appendix J Correspondence and Commmunication with Aboriginal.pdf
appendix j - correspondence and communication with aboriginal
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