Fine Dining Around Lake Superior

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When you’re visiting Lake Superior’s beautiful rocky shores, you probably aren’t focusing on food! However, we all have to eat at some time, and when those hunger pangs arise you’ll be glad to know that this region boasts some amazing restaurants and eateries, all within easy reach of the water.

The Lake Superior region has its own unique gastronomic style. Whether you love the authentic flavor of smoked fish and cured meat, adore the freshness of juicy berries or just can’t wait to tuck into a delicious breakfast, Superior’s shoreline combines traditional local foods with modern dining to produce meals that’ll never fail to impress.

If food is part of your perfect vacation experience, you’re going to love these dining spots.

Northern Waters Smokehaus

Located in Duluth, The Northern Waters Smokehaus is the perfect choice for diners who take food seriously. Never fussy or stuffy, this restaurant boasts a tasty menu of cured meat, sandwiches and in-house smoked fish – meals that are seriously gourmet and yet down-to-earth. Celebrating the very best of local cuisine, this dining spot also offers home delivery and even has a shop so you can take some of your favorite dishes home!

Angry Trout Café

When you can’t wait for a taste of fresh fish – and what could be better when you’re on the shores of this beautiful lake? – the The Angry Trout Cafe cooks seafood that is as fresh as it comes. The restaurant is located right next door to Grand Marais’ Dockside Fish Market where you can pick up bluefin herring, whitefish and lake trout, all caught locally. Many of these fresh catches are served up at The Angry Trout, all with the panache of haute cuisine and in a stylish dining room that is decorated with local artisans’ work.

The New Scenic Café

If you’re keen to try a little fine dining in a beautiful environment, the New Scenic Café on the North Shore is a perfect choice. Food here is served up on stylish flatware and with high class cutlery that comes from Cut it Fine. As a fine dining mainstay of the area, this eaterie combines delicious local fare with stellar desserts and a technique that has taken its influence from across the globe.

World’s Best Donuts

It’s hard to resist the lure of donuts at the best of times, but when they’re marketed as the world’s best, they certainly have to be tried! Grand Marais’ donut emporium is the number one spot for hot and fresh donuts that are ideal for a relaxing breakfast before strolling around the lake.

Vanilla Bean Café

Head to Two Harbors in the morning and enjoy a true taste of Scandinavia at The Vanilla Bean Café. This café serves up a host of Swedish favorites such as wild rice porridge topped with pecans, dried cranberries and maple syrup and pancakes topped with lingonberries. The food here is rumored to be some of the best found anywhere in the state!

Coho Café

Are you looking for somewhere to buy a delicious and nutritious lunch to enjoy on Lake Superior’s cobblestone beach? Coho Café in Tofte should be your first port of call. Here, you can buy pizzas, breads, croissant sandwiches and desserts to take away or dine in, inside the pleasant café itself.

Gunflint Tavern

For a more casual approach to dining, the Gunflint Tavern in Grand Marais could be the perfect nightspot for you. Serving up unique food combinations like walleye tacos and squash ravioli, this popular inn is an ideal spot to try an extensive range of microbrews while enjoying the view of the habor, the acoustic music and convivial atmosphere.

Va Bene

If you like your dining with a hint of Italian elegance, Va Bene in Duluth is a great choice for all the family. Brightly painted, light and airy, this café boasts a splendid view of the lake and serves up Italian favorites like panini and salads as well as delicious homemade gelati. On a chilly day, this is the very best place to get up close to the lake without catching a cold, since the deck is glassed-in and is right beside the water.

Whatever type of dining you enjoy, you’re sure to find something to satisfy your palate here on the shores of Lake Superior.