Enjoying Sun, Snow and – Wait for it…the Lake!

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This article is going to be all about one place in two countries that everyone can enjoy. If you like the sun, it has it. If you like to snowboard or play on the water, it has it. Have you guessed yet? Yep, that’s right it’s Lake Superior. Now, you might think it’s not possible to get two seasons at the same-time in one place, but you can.

As for one place and two countries? This lake is sits in both Canada and the USA. Aside from the fantastic scenery and great camping areas, Lake Superior is one of the largest in the Great Lakes. It’s also full of wildlife so if you like bird watching, you can. Because it’s a fresh water lake the fishing is great, and there are tones of river dwelling mammals to look out for.

So, let’s explore the types of vacation you can have here.

lake superior

For the sun Worshipers

Lots of people will tell you it’s not possible to get a beach vacation on Lake Superior, and to some extent it’s true. After all, it’s well known for its rugged shorelines and gentle ripples that are perfect for stone skipping. So, it might surprise you to know that you can visit beaches in this wondrous wilderness.

Be prepared though because you will have to visit the North Shore which lies in Canada. Sleeping Giant Provincial Park is the place I choose, and believe me, you will need shades that help reduce glare during the summer. It boasts a sandy beach which isn’t far from a large campsite and is the perfect place for a dip in the lake to cool off.

Enjoy Making Snow Angels?

Sticking with the North Shore (for obvious reasons), Lutsen Resort is nestled in its own private cove, and offers some of the best views to be found in this part of Lake Superior. It doesn’t matter if you’re after a romantic weekend away, a family vacation or a bit of adventure, this place has it all. If you’re interested, it’s also the oldest resort in Minnesota dating back to 1885!

The best part of the activities this place has to offer is you can visit any time from December to April, although you will be limited to how many are available at certain times. If you like the feel of skis beneath your feet, there are cross country tours. If you like to have a little more control, take a snowshoe hike. Or, if you fancy make snow angels with the kids!

Fish, Fish and Fish Some More

If it’s easier for you to visit the southern part of Lake Superior and you like fishing, think about getting in-touch with Captain Pat at Hooked-Up Charters. These guys have an excellent reputation and specialize in trout fishing. If you’re looking for more variety in the types of fish you land, you’ll find more options to the North.

The world is your “oyster” really if you want to fish around this great lake. There are weekend package deals which include charter trips for anything up to 8 hours. Or, if you’re a real die-harder in the fishing department there are companies that do trips that last all day.

lake superior at neys provincial park

More Messing About on the Water

It’s not just fishing you can do while you’re there. You can also do a bit of kayaking, and there’s no shortage of the sort of trips available. Think about taking a three-day trip, or even 7 days if you really want to drop out of civilization for a while. The options are pretty much limitless. Of course, it is always best to have a guide so booking through a company that gives you the whole package is a good idea.

If you’re a little more adventurous, make sure you pre-book the places you intend to stay along your chosen route, or you could really end up sleeping under the stars! Plus, the weather can be a little unpredictable so, no matter how much of an expert “lake dweller” you might think you are, it can be dangerous.

Something for Everyone

So, there you have it. Lake Superior has something for everyone, and it doesn’t matter what time of year you visit. You could even organize some “you” time when you’re away with family because there are plenty of day trips to be had. Plus, there are activities for kids where they’ll always be looked after by a responsible adult.

If you want my opinion (and even if you don’t I’m going to give it to you), this is one of the best places to visit in the world. Plus, you won’t need a passport and at the very worst you’ll only have to deal with internal airport security!