Do you Fancy a log Cabin Mansion? Buy (or visit) Granot Loma!

Granot Loma
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Unless you’re already rich beyond your wildest dreams, the chances are you think about it – a lot! After all, the lottery is successful for a reason. That said, it’s always nice to pass the time of day dreaming about what it would be like to be able to buy anything you want, when you want.

I often have conversations with friends and family about what would be the first thing on our list if we ever had a multi-million windfall, and a house is generally. After that, It’s deciding where. So, if you’re up for sitting back with a cup of coffee, let me tell you all about Granot Loma.

granot lamo lake superior

A Log Cabin of Massive Proportions

This cabin is the largest in existence on our planet, and it nestles on the shores of Lake Superior. Just think what you could do with 13 bathrooms, 23 bedrooms and a massive 5,000 acres of land! It doesn’t stop there either.

It also has an additional 13 buildings on the plot including a sumptuous guest house that has no less than 4 apartments, its own servants quarters (of course), a playhouse, a tennis court and 4 garages. I mean, c’mon, you’re going to need somewhere for your guests to rest their Ferraris!

Oh, and I can’t forget the farm which was once home to 200 cows. I’ve only picked the main attractions for this home. To describe everything would take forever, and a lot of pages of text!

How It All Began

You might be wondering what prompted such a huge property to be built in the first place, and out of logs! Well, it all began back in 1919 and was finally finished in 1923. No less than 400 craftsmen from Scandinavia were responsible for what we see before us today. Can you imagine how many logs were felled in order to build something so huge? And, they would have had to use axes! It could have been even better with a chainsaw, but using the tools of those times they definitely did an impressive job.

The next piece of information really shocked me. The Kaufman family (namely Louis Graveraet) decided to build the cabin as…wait for it….a summer home! The cost to build it amounted to $5 million which was definitely not a sum of money to be sniffed at in those days. It’s even more expensive today.

Just a Little More History

Where the name Granot Loma came from has an interesting story behind it. Louis G. Kaufman decided to take the first letters of each of his three children, Louis, Graveraet and Otto. He then went on to combine both his own name and that of his wife which was Marie. In fact, it was Marie that oversaw the building of this grandest of log cabins.

The home remained with the Kaufman family until the legendary bond trader Tom Baldwin arrived on the scene in 1987 when he bought it from them. Incidentally, I couldn’t find out much he paid anywhere! Once Mr. Baldwin completed the purchase, he set about restoring it to it’s former glory. This included a kitchen that was a replica of the kitchen in the White House, and a jacuzzi that holds no less than 3,000 gallons of water!

granot lamo lake superior

Home to the Rich and Famous

The list of famous names linked to Granot Loma is endless. Some of the most famous include George Gershwin, Fed Astaire and Mary Pickford who all “glamped” there. Mohammed Ali also paid a visit and was turned down when he offered to buy the place. This may, to some, seem like a good decision because he wanted to develop it into a boxing camp.

Some of the most important business deals have taken place here as well. For instance, Louis G. Kaufman finalized the planning both financial and architectural for the Empire State Building, and the reconstruction (financially) of General Motors also took place at Granot Loma.

Want it for Yourself?

I don’t know about you, but if my bank account was limitless I would certainly consider buying this “cabin”. If you think it would suit you, it could be all yours for a mere $40 million plus! I’d be quick though because it’s currently up for sale – I guess we’ll just watch this space.