Hang on to Your Helmets – Biking Around Lake Superior

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Call me biased but if I could spend every vacation at Lake Superior, I would. In fact, it’s a dream of mine to own a cabin there although that’s a story for another day. If you’re considering taking some time out at this beautiful place, it’s worth knowing some facts before-hand.

First of all, it’s considered to be the largest fresh water lake in existence, well, on earth anyway. It’s also one of the only places where you can be in two countries at once. Part of it lies in Ontario, to the west you have Minnesota, and to the south is Wisconsin. Another great fact you can wow your friends with is it’s the highest of all the Great Lakes and is home to several islands.

biking around lake superior

But You’re not Here for That!

OK, I forgive you if you’ve skipped my introduction, because you’re probably not here for the facts on Lake Superior. No, you want to know what type of vacations are on offer if you’re an avid biker! You should know this area is really popular with enthusiasts of the two-wheel variety, so you won’t be short of like-minded people.

What’s also good to know is this lake is one of the best areas if you enjoy taking in the views, marveling at the rugged shorelines, and testing yourself on all those twisty roads (safe riding recommended of course). If you’ve never been before, there are plenty of companies out that will help you plan the perfect trip.

Types of Vacation on Offer

You might think you’ll need at least a week to get around all the sites on offer around Lake Superior, and whilst you can take your time and not get bored, what’s called the circle tour could probably be done in a little over a day and half. Although, that said you do need to be someone who doesn’t mind being strapped to your bike all day!

You won’t be short of places to stay because they’re available everywhere you go, especially around the main attractions such as Split Rock Lighthouse. Incidentally, the manager there has been a biker since he was young. So, I strongly recommend you make a stop here to pick up some souvenirs with all sorts of biker-oriented logos. You can camp if being in the wilderness is what floats your boat, or there are plenty of 4-star hotels to choose from.

Lake Superior Provincial Park

Go Traditional – Sleep Under the Stars

If camping is what you plan to do, the Grand Marais on the Minnesota North Shore is one stop you should consider. In fact, once you land there you might end-up staying for the whole trip. This place is quite simply, huge! It has around 300 campsites that come with their own picnic tables and fireboxes. It’s also go 160 primitive campsites if you really like to “rough” it, and too many amenities’ to mention here.

Plus, you’ll be treated to beautiful views of the lake with shorelines where you can build a camp fire, take a walk on the beach, or just enjoy the cool breeze. If you run out of provisions, or just need to stock up for the next leg of your trip, make sure you pay a visit to the Lake Superior Trading Post. These guys have been in business for years and if they haven’t got it? You won’t get it!

If you Prefer a Spot of Luxury

As you can imagine, there are loads of hotels and motels to choose from all around the lake. However, I’ve decided to give you an idea of those that not just welcome all visitors, but in particular bikers. After all, that precious helmet you shouldn’t forget to put on when touring will need somewhere safe to stay. I chose Sault Ste. Marie first because this seems to be one of the more popular places to start your trip (or finish).

There are 2 more hotels that all welcome bikers starting with Algoma’s Water Tower Inn and Suites which is part of the Best Western chain. Personally, if you’re looking for value for money and nothing super fancy, this one comes highly recommended. 2nd on the list is the Ambassador Motel which is located perfectly for those of you who intend to do a bit of snowboarding.

Bikepacking Lake Superior

Just the tip of the Iceberg

I’ve had to condense the information above because if I shared everything with you the chances are you would still be reading this in a month from now! Lake Superior is a great place for anyone to visit, but as a biker (unlike many places), this area of the country welcomes you with open arms.

Aside from the fact you’re bound to make friends for life along your motorcycle trip, the scenery is to die for. There are landmarks and attractions aplenty, so you could easily keep yourself and your friends or family busy for 2 weeks if you wanted. It doesn’t even matter what time of you year you visit although, if you’re on a bike I suggest the warmer months will suit you better.

Why Wait? Book Your Trip!

You only have to do a search on your favorite search engine, and you’ll be met with lots of companies more than happy to help you book the vacation of a lifetime. There are even companies that allow you to tailor the trip, so you get to see all spots you want to visit most.