Peninsula Harbour

Peninsula Harbour Area of Concern ~ Photo courtesy of Jim Bailey

The International Joint Commission (IJC) first identified Peninsula Harbour as an area of concern (AOC), in 1987. Peninsula Harbour’s Area of Concern is located approximately 290 km from Thunder Bay on the north shore of Lake Superior. The AOC is comprised of two regions: Peninsula Harbour and a portion of open Lake Superior immediately south of the Peninsula; it is roughly bounded by the watershed of the harbour and Pebble Beach, includes the Town of Marathon and extends four kilometers into Lake Superior.

In 1991, Marathon community members came together to form a Public Advisory committee, which assisted federal and provincial agencies in developing the first stage of the RAP for Peninsula Harbour. This plan was developed to identify environmental problems and determine sources of pollution in the AOC. The harbour was identified as an AOC as a result of problems associated with bacterial contamination, aesthetic impairment, degraded fish and benthic communities, and high levels of toxic contamination (i.e. mercury and PBCs) in fish and bottom sediments.

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Photos of MPI Dock in Peninsula Harbour

Photos of the Town of Marathon, Ontario overlooking Peninsula Harbour


Recent News:

Thin-layer Capping Project for Peninsula Harbour expected to start in May with completion set for late August