Since 1991, the Lake Superior Binational Forum has served as the principal public body providing input to the governments responsible for carrying out the Binational Program. In 1990, the International Joint Commission recommended that Lake Superior be a demonstration area where no point source discharge of any persistent toxic substance would be permitted. The purpose of the Forum is to further consultation and participation among government, industry and environmental stakeholders on the restoration and protection of Lake Superior. The Forum is composed of Canadian and American stakeholders representing environmental, Tribal/First Nation, industrial, business, health and academic interests. In particular, the Lake Superior Binational Forum, the primary public group associated with the agencies responsible for carrying out the zero discharge demonstration project, has been key to establishing an effective multi-sector stakeholder process.

The Forum has held various technical workshop and public input sessions since 1991 for the purpose of acquiring necessary background information to help develop proposals for phase-out schedules and chemical reduction recommendations. Public Input sessions have been held on the impacts of climate change on Lake Superior, aquatic invasive species and Lake Superior environmental Areas of Concern.