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The website you’re about to take a look at is full of all sorts of information on Lake Superior. From how it first appeared on our planet to the great vacations, and everything in-between. Not only is this the greatest of the Great Lakes, it also nestles in two countries, the USA and Canada.

Why we Started This Website

I’ve had the chance to visit Lake Superior on a number of occasions, and it’s a place I’ll always return to. Actually, I would one day, like to live there. What’s great about it is the diversity of the place. If you want skiing, it’s got it, if you like hiking or messing about on the water, you can.

We wanted to spread the word about the lake because it’s a fascinating place and is steeped in rich history. Oh, and it’s a great place to stock up on agates! The other thing that’s great is you can choose to spend your time in one of two countries which is probably why there is such a variety of places to visit.

Hate ads? So do we!

One thing we decided to make sure of is that you’re experience with our website is an interesting and relaxing one. For that reason, you won’t spend your time constantly clicking on annoying pop-ups! All you’ll find is informative articles on everything Lake Superior, and maybe a few unobtrusive ads to cover the costs.

Read, Learn Enjoy

It doesn’t matter if you want to find out more about Lake Superior in terms of background, or the people who live there. In the following pages you’ll only find factual information about this marvelous place. Plus, we don’t just focus on vacations although if that’s what you’re after, we have it.

Go ahead and take a look, you never know, you might find out that Canadians and Americans can live in harmony – enjoy!